Friday, 3 June 2011

Loving Lubeck

After 6 nights in Berlin we are now in Lubeck. Berlin proved to be an interesting city, there was a lot to see & do. One of the things we did was visiting the Olympic stadium and also the Hackesher Markt which was a lovely area full of beer restaurants! There was a great vibe there and we had a ball watching a clown busker who imitated people who walked by our restaurant, he was so funny!!

Our apartment in Berlin was great, it was nice to cook some meals and sort of feel like a local! I love shopping in supermarkets when traveling, I love seeing the different produce, it is a real highlight.

We left Berlin early Tuesday morning. We caught the train to Lubeck which is a small town formerly surrounded by city walls. We arrived at about 11 am and the weather was superb!

We checked into our hotel and headed out dressed for summer weather but soon realized it was a bit chilly. We had a beer and soon it was raining!

The rain stayed around for the rest of the afternoon but thankfully today (Wednesday 1 June) it is sunny and gorgeous!!

Today has truly been one of the best days of our whole trip, it was sunny but not too hot & Lubeck is truly a beautiful place! We spent the day wandering around and taking heaps of photos. We spent a few hours sitting in a riverside restaurant drinking german beer and watching the world go by. A couple sat next to us with their pet dogs, it was so nice, they were such cute puppies!!

Tonight we had a delicious meal and a few drinks at a cellar restaurant. It was so quaint, there were little individual booths each with pictures highlighting different facts about Lubeck.

For dinner we had a pork schnitzel with asparagus and hollandsaise sauce, so divine!! Asparagus is in season and it is so tasty!!

We head off to Hamburg tomorrow, not long to go now, only 1 more week. I look forward to Amsterdam on Saturday. But for now, time for bed!

(sent 1 June, wifi in Germany is pathetic)

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